About Us

We are Mike and T.J. Nelms. Nelms Ranch was established in 1987 near Kingsland, Texas, by Mike’s father R.C. Nelms, III. There have been many changes over the years at Nelms Ranch. Among those changes is the addition of the South African Savanna goat.



Nelms Ranch is where pedigrees come to be tested in a real-life setting.  A name on paper means nothing if a goat can’t survive the Texas extremes of weather along with a seemingly perpetual drought.  Culling sometimes is a natural event on the ranch.  Even so, we still evaluate the individual, pull the best, and send the rest to auction.

With genetics from all four original imports, Nelms Ranch has great genetic diversity.  We have generations of DNA parent verified individuals within our pedigrees.  Verified genetics which gives us a lot of material to work with as well as hardy, beautiful goats.

There are specific lines of goats from the early breeders of those imports who made wonderful contributions to the Savanna Goat Industry.  These lines are an embodiment of their vision and hard work.  Many of those breeders’ goats can be found in our pedigrees.  We have genetics from (in no particular order) 4C, NJW, GCS, EOES, ITG, CCS, Amorearts, Keri Rose, MGF, AZMG, RRD, Summer Place, and WW just to name a few.  Each of these breeders left behind a legacy to be proud of.

Mike and T.J. are working hard to tie these historic genetics together to create legacy goats of their own.  Nelms Ranch goats are range ready, pasture tested, and carry the traditional South African Savanna Goat heritage with them.