“… it’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year…”

2023 Nelms Ranch Gate Christmas Wreath
2023 Nelms Ranch Gate Christmas Wreath

Seems like I keep stumbling and fumbling around with this new website. No matter what I do, it feels like I keep going backwards instead of forwards. Is it true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Ha! For whatever reason, and why I have no clue, my latest blog post has disappeared. So here I am rewriting it but now you know why it isn’t the same as the last one…in case you read the last one! Plus, I think this one is longer showing that I have shed some of my aggravation into writing a new blog post. 

Breeding season for the Nelms Ranch Savanna goats has begun and there have been a few difficulties along the way. A couple of bucks have decided to not acknowledge fences and barriers and ended up in breeding groups that they didn’t belong in. We also have had a casualty and a great loss as well. One of our bucks, ITG G93 Show Me Da’ Money, has died due to an accident. I have no clue if any of the does he was put with have been bred by him or not. It is also possible that we may have some father/daughter kids born from ISR Israel 119J and ITG G59 Big Sky. If so, we could have some not so good results or some majorly beautiful kids. Either way, http://my.vgl.ucdavis.eduwill be super important in 2024. Waiting for DNA results could be a test on patience for myself this next spring. Ahh well… Whoever has said that goat breeding was easy has never attempted it themselves. Regardless, at least we can still say “…it’s the most wonderful time of the year…”.

NR M1103 Legacy with 2023 breeding group.

We have had some rains these past few weeks which has been a tremendous blessing and a boost for our winter forbs and grasses. The drought is still officially ongoing but currently the weather is feeling like paradise compared to summer’s unrelenting 116F days, dry hot breezes, and hard ground. We are so thankful for Fall’s Relief.

NR M1103 Legacy proved himself this spring with the progeny from three test breedings. We were happy with the results so he has earned his own group of commercial and full blood does. Legacy is doing very well and is holding his body condition. He has lost some weight but, really, he is doing great considering that he is still growing! 

NR M1103 Legacy with 2023 breeding group.

I talked to a breeder a couple of days ago who had purchased a young buck from us. He stated that the buck had just finished breeding 22 does and was still in great body condition. Reports like this truly make me happy and gives me confirmation that the Nelms Ranch breeding program is going in the right direction. Our progeny succeeding in other’s pastures, watching NR M1103 Legacy grow and develop, and the anticipation of the arrival of spring kids is what helps keep me motivated. It also makes me anxious and full of anticipation for the next five months. April seems so far off while still in December, “…the most wonderful time of the year…”. 

2023 Christmas Card
Nelms Ranch 2023 Christmas Card

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