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The “How” and the “Why” of Things That Happen

So many of you may have known, and visited, our original website.  We had it for years.  Had a lot of information and content on it.  Put in a lot of hours of work, too.  Then one day, the website was “down”.  Not there.  Suddenly it was just “gone”, “absent”, “unavailable”.  

After many e-mails and attempts to try to contact the powers that be I finally figured out that NOTHING was going to be done and that my problem WAS NOT GOING TO BE RESOLVED.   Our website was like a space station out in another galaxy…floating aimlessly.  A space station that evidently was in some form of decay and with no one on board to take care of routine maintenance.  Nobody was there to make sure that the servers were kept up and running and repaired as needed.  The space station, our website, evidently, just died?   I have no clue with what went wrong.  What WAS wrong?  No clue about WHAT happened or HOW it happened.  Really, WHAT DID HAPPEN to the Nelms Ranch website?  

I have no answers.  I don’t know the “how”.  I don’t know the “why.  No returned e-mails.  No contact with any human at all.  Not even AI was available to assist me.  So I was left with no choice but to find another provider.  A new place to start over.  A new beginning for someone who really likes to settle into familiar routines and wear old worn out shoes.  So I am having to learn a new program.  Something strange and foreign to me.  I am having my patience taxed as my brain complains and resists having its knowledge base and skill sets expanded.  Yes, everything, EVERYTHING, gets a little bit stiffer, inflexible, and more rigid with age.  In light of this, I ask for patience from my audience.  I ask for help and suggestions and general moral support for this project.  As things come online please let me know of problems or difficulties that you may be having.  I will try to rectify everything I can and learn to live with what is outside of my scope of expertise.  And if anyone is a professional website designer who understands WordPress and knows how to do this stuff in their sleep…  I welcome your help!

By the way…  the offending previous provider was called Doodlekit.  They owe us money and an apology.  They had tied up where I couldn’t  use it with our new provider!   While things went well for almost seven years I can no longer recommend Doodlekit or anything associated with their organization.  I hope they get their problems solved and don’t make anyone else suffer and agonize over a website like I have ours.  

May the Lord keep you and bless you.  


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