We understand that genetic health and diversity are important in the breeding of Savanna goats in the United States.  Nelms Ranch South African Savanna bucks have DNA verified ancestry with pedigrees originating from great goats of the past.  With heritage goats from only four imports into the United States it has taken vision to keep the South African Savanna goat a viable part of the American landscape.  The live goats first purchased by J.C. Schulz, the frozen embryos from Brian Payne and Dennise Peterson, and the four imported bucks and 19 does by Kenneth Mincey in 2010 are found in Nelms Ranch’s genetics.  You will see their farm prefixes in our bucks and does’ pedigrees:  JCS (J.C. Shulz), KRI or Keri Rose (Brian Payne), Amorearts (Dennise Peterson), and MGF or Mincey Goat Farm (Kenneth Mincey).  All four original bloodlines are here in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.  We are thankful for the breeders that have kept the ancestry of this breed intact and who have ultimately assisted us with our endeavors here in God’s Country.  

The 100% full blood Savanna kids raised on Nelms Ranch are DNA parent verified from bucks and dams that have DNA proven ancestry.   We stand behind our seed stock with DNA verification from UC Davis in California.  Yes, it takes time and commitment but that’s how we want to do business here at Nelms’ Ranch.  

NR K1044 Israel's Crystal Dollar May 2021 at two years old.

Spring of 2021

Israel is a son of CCS 30239.  CCS 30239 is also known as Hawkeye whose genetics trace back to the Kifaru sale in Lampasas.  He is a grandson of Mincey’s Goat Farm/Iron Star’s Abraham and an Amoreart’s Kronos descendant on his dam’s side.  

Israel is second in line as a foundation sire. at Nelms Ranch.  He is producing outstanding individuals that are growing up and are becoming amazing individuals on their own.  Soon you will be checking your pedigrees for this buck!  

NR K1044 Israel's Crystal Dollar May 2021 at two years old.

The head shot above is of Israel in 2023.  He is a fully mature buck and has exceeded all of our expectations.

ISR Israel 119J Pedigree
ISR Israel 119J at 4 1/2 years old July 2023

Israel shown here in July of 2023.  He is now a mature, prolific buck who has several progeny serving as herd sires.  Israel, second to Granite with AWW’s, has proven himself to be a great asset as a seed stock buck as well as a commercial producer.  

Sky is another Mincey and Crane Creek buck much like Granite, our foundation sire, from Indian Territory Farms in both genotype and phenotype.  Grandson of “Iowa” CCS 990253/54.  He is also a great grandson of Mincey Goat Farms Comanche.  While he cannot replace Granite he does play an integral part in our breeding program.  The first photo is Big Sky at 26 months old.  The second photo shows a very mature Big Sky on 14July2023.  He has grown to be a thick and heavy buck.  

ITG G59 Big Sky May 2021 at 26 months.
ITG B59 Big Sky 14July2023
ITG B59 Big Sky 14July2023

River is a rare Keri Rose genetic treasure.  He is the grandson of KRI Brook 526N, nicknamed Monkey, on his dam’s side and son of the well known Azalea Ridge Anamosa 212 ET.  He is also a great grandson of Southern Savanna’s Atlas 263×09 on his sire’s side.  First photo is of River in May of 2021 as a two year old.

ITG G56 River May 2021 at two years old.













ITG G56 River pictured here in July 2023 during an extended heat wave and drought as a 4 1/2 year old.  River represents a completely different phenotype and provides much needed genetic diversity. 

ITG G56 River
ITG G56 River July 2023
NR K1044 Israel's Crystal Dollar at 13 months in 2021
NR K1044 Israel's Crystal Dollar in 2022
NR K1044 Israel's Crystal Dollar Pedigree

NR K1044 Israel’s Crystal Dollar is pictured above at just over 12 months old.  Two pictures are Dollar as a buckling.  He is a son of our Israel.  His dam is a daughter of NJW White 120 Damascus and GCS’ Loretta’s Lynn.  GCS Loretta’s Lynn is a daughter of MGF A 102 Dollar.  We think that our “Dollar” has a great blend going here with balance and muscling.  He has 1 x 1 teats and great pigment.

He is maturing into a very large and impressive buck and is an aggressive breeder.  Dollar is putting fast growing kids on the ground with great bone and muscling.  He has proven himself in the pasture and has become an important buck in Nelms Ranch’s breeding program after just one breeding season.  

NR K1044 Israel's Crystal Dollar 3 years old July 2023
NR L1060 Rock at 7 weeks old.
NR L1060 Rock at 17 months on 01Aug2022
NR L1060 Rock at two years old 14July2023
NR L1060 Rock at 17 weeks old.

This is Rock.  He is a 2021 son of Granite   Here Rock is pictured at 7 1/2 weeks old, 17 weeks, 6 months, and 17 months.  

Rock is a Y8 grandson on his dam’s side.  His dam was purchased at the 2020 Pedigree International Spectacular and that is how she got her name.  Y8 is a son of Keri Rose’s Dawie S512 who was a frozen embryo direct from South Africa via Canada.  Keri Rose Dawie S512 came directly from Koenie Kotze’s and Lubbe Cilliers’ genetics.  

NR L1060 Rock at 6 months on 08Sept2021

NR LRock is two years old in his latest picture.  He has continued to grow on pasture and is maturing into a very nice well-muscled buck in spite of drought conditions.  He bred his first does last fall and they all kidded out this past March.  He has put some really nice kids on the ground.  He will get another group of does this year in 2023.  

NR L1060 Rock Pedigree

ITG G93 Show Me Da’ Money has recently arrived on Nelms Ranch.  Money brings with him some great genetics, great pigment, and a super set of horns.  Horns that we hope he shares with his prodigy!  Anybody who studies pedigrees can’t help but notice the “double dose” of International E548 HVI S E 548.  And those who know their pedigrees realize that E548 is the sire of some outstanding and proven individuals in the Savanna industry.  With his traditional roman nose and horn set, his bone, and depth of rib, what isn’t there to like about this direct descendant of original international imports!

ITG G93 Show Me Da' Money July 2023
ITG G93 Show Me Da' Money Pedigree
ITG Big B's Donald Trump 2023
ITG Big B's Donald Trump Pedigree

ITG Big B’s Donald Trump is a son of ITG B69, aka “Hoss”, and Mincey Goat Farm 0308.   Many may have seen “Hoss” and being amazed by his size, soon realized why he was given that name.  Trump arrived at Nelms Ranch with the same group as Money.  Trump has a beautiful head set with a wonderful set of horns.  He is long and has great depth of rib.  We are hoping for great things from Trump.    

ITG Big B's Donald Trump
NR M1103 Legacy
NR K1044 Israel's Crystal Dollar at 13 months in 2021

There are those individuals that stand out from the very first day they are born.  They catch your eye and mesmerize you.  NR M1103 Legacy has done that every step of the way.  He is the last live cover son of ITG Granite E72 which is how he got his name.  We are hoping that he can carry Granite’s legacy forward.  

We are watching Legacy closely here at Nelms Ranch.  He has 1×1 teats, excellent pigment, and wonderful style.  We gave him his first test does last year and are happy with the results.  One of Legacy’s first doelings is appearing in the 2023 Savanna Spectacular auction.

Legacy will get another group of does in the fall of 2023.  We will continue to watch him grow while taking pictures along the way.  It is hard to  imagine what a two week old buckling will grow into but we think Legacy has what it takes to fill his father’s spot on the Nelms Ranch.  


“…See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains.”  James 5:7b (NIV)

NR M1103 Legacy at two weeks old.
NR M1103 Legacy Pedigree
NR M1103 Legacy at 16 weeks old.
NR M1103 Legacy










Growing up in the pasture can be a hot and dusty endeavor.  We really wouldn’t want it any other way because we don’t want to raise marshmallows that melt in the heat or shrink and lose weight.   This is July, 2023 in the Texas Hill Country.  It was 110 degrees on Wednesday the 17th.  

Legacy is shown here at 16 months old.  He was born in a drought, raised in a drought, and is maturing in a drought.  Legacy’s breeding is a blend of Mincey, Crane Creek, and 4C.  He has the roman nose, the neck, the shoulders, the length, and the frame and he still has a lot of growing yet to do.